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By Iliana Fontal

To register for our classes go to www.lastingrelationships.org. For more information go to www.nwfs.org.

Today I was reading a posted article from Kevin Monroe related to the HUGE difference between two little words: for and with. He mentioned about how we confuse these words when we provide social services to the community in general.  I have personally seen the impact of those two little words’ confusion when serving participants.
Here at NWFS we have a program called CareerFit, we basically help people live, grow and succeed by providing FREE individualized employment assistance. CareerFit has been working with the candidates by facilitating the discovery of their strengths, abilities and talents! When candidates attend our classes, we provide the tools they need, but more than that, they feel encouraged and normally go out and find job interviews by themselves! The same individual who came here hopeless and tired of looking and applying for jobs is now inspired and motivated to move forward in life!

Here is a quote from a candidate showing how we work with and not for them:
“Hi, Wade, I just wanted to let you know, I got two job phone calls while I was meeting with you. I got an offer at Scenic Fruit and I start 9 am on Monday! The other call was Yocream, they called for an interview, which I will be declining.
So, our resume brought in interviews for 100% QA job I applied for, a job that I wasn’t getting response for before. Thank you for all the help and time you poured in to me, I hope I created some fun challenges for you too.”  Andrea

When candidates come to our classes, they are eligible to receive 90 days of individual assistance.  In that frame period we work with them, discovering their employment goal, tailoring their resume and applying to jobs of their interest. We also provide 30 days of support after they are hired.

If you or someone you know is interested in CareerFit and you want to know more information, please call (503) 546 6377.

To register for our classes go to www.lastingrelationships.org. For more information online go to www.nwfs.org.

We look forward to being able to help you,

Iliana Fontal

Employment Assistance Department Coordinator


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