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Father and Daughter dancing
          Recently, NWFS held a Father-Daughter Date Night event for 60 Dads and Daughters at Eastridge Church in Happy Valley.
         It was a phenomenal event that encouraged dads and their daughters to connect while building a story they’ll treasure for years.  Building a stronger bond (something that only one can take away) with one’s daughter and showing he cares by going the extra mile to dress up, get photos, and flowers is vital!  The Father Daughter Date Night is providing dads the priceless opportunity for one-on-one time with their daughter(s) – at any age!  NWFS hopes that this may be the first of many, many, dates to come where he opens the door for her, showers her with flowers, pays for her dinner and showers her with the honor she deserves. Eventually, they may live miles apart at some time, be on other sides of the ocean, or be too old to eat that slice of cake together, yet they’ll always cherish that memory of their special date with their dad for years to come.
          Thank you Dads, Daughters, volunteers, and Eastridge Church for making this event a success!

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By Marci Husby

Aaron and his partner had a serious disagreement during her pregnancy with their first child. Aaron was arrested and had a no-contact order with his partner. He was unable to be with her during the delivery of their first child.

When Aaron first came to Northwest Family Services, he was enthusiastic and committed to learning parenting and relationship skills. Once he began taking the Parenting Inside Out class, he was able to have contact with his baby daughter through supervised visits with a mediator present. Aaron was very open to learning new information on parenting and relationships. He was especially eager to become an emotionally healthy adult and be a good parent to his baby daughter.

Aaron was able to learn new skills and see the results of his work to help his daughter be emotionally and physically healthy.

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