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Father and Daughter dancing
          Recently, NWFS held a Father-Daughter Date Night event for 60 Dads and Daughters at Eastridge Church in Happy Valley.
         It was a phenomenal event that encouraged dads and their daughters to connect while building a story they’ll treasure for years.  Building a stronger bond (something that only one can take away) with one’s daughter and showing he cares by going the extra mile to dress up, get photos, and flowers is vital!  The Father Daughter Date Night is providing dads the priceless opportunity for one-on-one time with their daughter(s) – at any age!  NWFS hopes that this may be the first of many, many, dates to come where he opens the door for her, showers her with flowers, pays for her dinner and showers her with the honor she deserves. Eventually, they may live miles apart at some time, be on other sides of the ocean, or be too old to eat that slice of cake together, yet they’ll always cherish that memory of their special date with their dad for years to come.
          Thank you Dads, Daughters, volunteers, and Eastridge Church for making this event a success!

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Every Student Needs a Bed

By Celeste Calvin

A young lady was referred to the Northwest Family Services (NWFS) school mentoring program because she had 75 absences last school year. While working with this young lady I quickly learned that she and her family were facing many challenges. I began asking the questions that others were not. One of the questions I asked was, “What do you need to be successful?” She said, “Well, I asked my mom if I get good grades, can I get a bed.” In conversation with this student, I found out that she was the only member of her household who did not have a regular place to sleep.  Some nights she slept on the floor, other nights she slept on the sofa.  The student had a stepfather who went to work at 5am. When her stepfather would get up for work, her mother would make breakfast using the blender and other loud kitchen appliances.  By the time things quieted down and she made it back to sleep, it was time for her to get ready for school.  Tired and moving slowly, she would be late for the bus, causing her to have to walk to school.

 Northwest Family Services staff was able to find a local organization who donated display beds. In October 2011, we delivered a queen sized bed to the student’s home while she was at school. Once the bed was donated, NWFS contributed funds to purchase brand new bedding and pillows. While this student and her family are still being faced with challenges, the bed is one less thing she and her family have to be concerned about. The student’s attendance has gotten much better.

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