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Fertility Matters


By Lauren Fuller

For nearly 30 years now, Northwest Family Services has helped couples learn about the benefits of fertility regulation through natural means. Teachers certified in our method can now be found all over the country, and through our online course, we’ve been able to teach Natural Family Planning (NFP) to thousands of couples in the past few years.

NFP is an effective, scientifically based method of family planning that treats fertility as a normal, healthy process. It involves none of the side effects associated with artificial hormones, and it can be highly effective for couples who are avoiding or achieving a pregnancy.  Couples who are taught well, understand the method, are clear about their family planning intention, and follow the rules will experience a 98 to 99.9 percent effectiveness rate.

The benefits do not stop at the numbers, though.  As an NFP Provider, I have seen firsthand the enrichment that practicing NFP has brought to a marriage time and again. Here is a testimony from one learner:

 “Initially, we had no idea that NFP was so much more than an alternative to birth control.  If I had imagined my life after NFP, I would have sold myself short.  NFP has literally and completely changed my life and me as a person.  NFP has given me freedom from birth control.  Doctors told me that my menstrual issues could be solved with birth control, when in reality it just prolonged the root of problem.   NFP has strengthened my marriage by 1000%.  The friendship, love, and respect still continue to grow every day.  My husband and I have truly become best friends.”

As described above, practicing NFP can mean working on skills such as communication, self-control, patience, and responsibility. This can involve hard work at times, but hard work put into a relationship is never wasted work, and the payback can be immense. In this regard, I am proud to be a part of the work Northwest Family Services is doing to “equip people with vital skills for a lifetime.”


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