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By Abraham Escobar

Recently, Northwest Family Services’ drama troupe, “Encuentros” presented their message of healthy choices and healthy relationships to over 450 students in three packed out sessions, at the Cesar Chavez conference.  There where so many students in second sessions that some had to stand because of lack of seating capacity.  The Cesar Chavez conference is a regional leadership conference held in honor of the late activist Cesar E. Chavez.  This conference is focused on empowering young Latinos to go to college and become involved in their communities to bring about positive change.   Northwest Family Services has contributed for the past 7 years to this conference by sending the “Encuentros” drama troupe to perform and inspire many young lives through their skits.  This conference has been held for over 25 years at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, OR.  As expected by the organizers, the 2012 conference saw a record attendance of students from all over Oregon.   We are proud to say that every year the “Encuentros” drama troupe performance is one of the favorites for all students.


This is an over the top parody of 5 college-aged ‘friends’ who sit at a coffee shop sharing stories from their dating life, making the audience laugh at the obvious misconceptions they have regarding life, success, romance and sex.  The classic line that portrays their inexperience is “but that always works in the movies?”  Always causes quite a reaction form the high school audience.   Encuentros finishes the presentation with a student testimonial of why they have decided to live a healthy lifestyle, and have chosen to abstain from alcohol, premarital sex, drugs, gangs and other high risk activities.  Before the students leave the auditorium they are pumped by a high energy rap performance from “Zacarias.”  The music may be loud, but the students really enjoy dancing and moving to the rhythm while hearing lyrics like “All we got in life are choice, make them healthy ones and don’t listen to them voices.”

Encuentros is very excited and thankful to be able to provide this valuable message to students at the Cesar Chavez conference and is committed to provide the best performance yet for 2013.


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